Moabi DRC


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If you are interested in learning more about the Moabi platform while it is undergoing beta testing, please join our mailing list or get in touch with us directly.

Who built Moabi DRC?

Moabi DRC is being built by a Washington DC-based startup called CrowdCover. CrowdCover was established by Moabi DRC founder and Project Leader, Leo Bottrill. The company has a dedicated team supporting Moabi DRC and plans to apply the Moabi platform to other transparency issues around the world. Please contact CrowdCover for more information.


Benoît Thuaire, Field Manager


Essylot Lubala, Director

Serge Bondo Kayembe, Technical Director

Christelle Lushule, Program Officer


Herve Kashongwé, GIS Director


Steffen Fritz, Principle Investigator

Aline Mosnier, Research Scholar

Antonia Dunwoody, Research Assistant/Project Coordinator


Leo Bottrill, Project Leader

Mikel Maron, Project Advisor

Jon Nordling, Project Advisor and Mobile GeoODK Developer

Sajjad Anwar, Developer

James Conkling, Cartographer

Kristen Egermeier, Administrative Assistant

Consortium Members

Ministry of Infrastructure Coordination Unit , Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Tourism, Cadastre Minier, University of Kinshasa, ICCN, CN-REDD, OFAC, WWF, WRI, ERA-WWC, GTCR, RFN, WCS, UNDP, FAO, WB, RGC