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About the Platform

This is the second version of Moabi DRC. The original Moabi DRC and its technical consortium was launched in June 2011 by WWF and OSFAC. In 2013, management of Moabi DRC was handed over to the IIASA lead Improving Forest Governance through Independent Monitoring in DRC project. WWF DRC, however, remain an active member of the Moabi DRC consortium and a key data contributor.

We have completely rebuilt the site using OpenStreetMap the world’s largest collaborative mapping project. We are currently in a beta phase where will be testing the new collaborative features. If you are interested in learning how to upload and edit spatial information using OSM and build your own Moabi reports, please contact us.

How is Moabi built?

Our commitment to openness and independence also extends to how we are building Moabi DRC. The platform is built on a customized version of OpenStreetMap. OSM was built as an open source alternative to proprietary geographic data platforms, with voluntary contributions sourced from the crowd. Ten years later, and with over one million users, OSM provides both a model for how to collect, organize, and redistribute geographic data from disparate sources, as well as the technical tools to store and edit this data.

Using OSM as the basis for Moabi DRC has many advantages. Where appropriate, it allows data to be easily shared between OSM and Moabi, ensuring that data common to both – for instance on roads and buildings – is up-to-date. Moreover, by establishing a common data schema, it allows for easy read/write access to data from different sources, whether it relates to land use concessions, transportation networks, forest cover, or community reporting.

What can you do on Moabi DRC

Explore the Data

Browse extensive information on land use in the DRC via the interactive map. Export a map as a print copy, an embeddable url, or download the raw geographic data. If you would like to contribute your own data, contact us and we will show you how to this.

View and publish Reports

Each presents specific data and analysis on a single topic. Browse reports to gain an in-depth understanding of the data, or build your own topic using your own data.

Open for Collaboration

Moabi is built on a clone of the OpenStreetMap project, an open, user-generated map of the world containing geographic data on buildings and navigation. Moabi extends OSM’s collaborative model to tackle difficult developmental problems relating to land use planning and natural resource management.

Learn more about Moabi, or download and collaborate on the data.